Joy Zaczyk and Janet Villeneuve are probably thinking what you're thinking whenever you see a fancy-schmancy design item that is too precious for its own good. They are the bloggers behind Moggit. They are unafraid to call out “fugly” furniture when they see it. Snarky is their full-time job.

What is the worst piece of furniture you've ever seen?

Bar none–it has to be the eels in the coffee table. Months later it still gives us the willies…

Have you ever seen a home accessory so bad it's actually good? The line is frightfully close sometimes between genius and madness.

Good question. And yeah, we see stuff like that all the time. This shelving system is a great example of that genius/madness design esthetic. It totally looks like it was strung together by a crazy designer hopped up on Red Bull & vodka; but it's actually a practical, usable, quite simple and clever design– that also just happens to also look like a hot mess.

How do you feel about super-expensive furniture? Worth it? Never worth it?

Oh… that's a tough one for us. We do see lots of super-expensive pieces that just make us scratch our heads and ask each other why anyone would ever think it was worth the asking price.

"We kid you not...It's entitled Chest of Drawers and it sells for $26,000. What a steal - that's only $1,300 per drawer!"

“We kid you not…It's entitled Chest of Drawers and it sells for $26,000. What a steal – that's only $1,300 per drawer!”

We really don't get that 'herd mentality' that seems to attach itself to a particular brand or name seemingly just for the sake of the name. The question we like to ask ourselves about 'super-expensive' items is this: if 'So & So' designer's name wasn't attached to this piece would it still be regarded as genius?

"Yes, it is--a RAT chandelier"

“Yes, it is–a RAT chandelier”

Or would it be regarded as junk? And if the answer is junk, then it's definitely not worth it.

"You know the rich are bored when...they start encrusting their toilets with Swarovski crystals. $75,000 worth."

“You know the rich are bored when…they start encrusting their toilets with Swarovski crystals. $75,000 worth.”

Is there any item you've blogged about that you secretly wish you owned?

Yes. But we won't tell you what it is.

Is it this?

Is it this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or maybe this?

Or maybe this?

No, no, wait...is it this?

No, no, wait…is it this?

Hmm....it's this isn't it?

Hmm….it's this isn't it?

Do people ever get mad at you for talking smack about a beloved design item?

Oh, sometimes we get the odd nasty comment about something that we've 'mogged', but by and large the majority of our readers tend to get that all our observations are done very 'tongue-in-cheek-ily'.

"Even if you were a doctor, this is some creepy shit"

“Even if you were a doctor, this is some creepy shit”

What is great though, and what we really appreciate, is that we have alot of designers who are themselves out there, everyday, 'in the trenches' so to speak, who follow the blog and who support us and who love what we do.

"The tea party murders"

“The tea party murders”

We've been told that our blog helps to balance a perspective that can so often get skewed in the design world and injects a much-needed dose of humor into what seems to have become a very serious business.

"Poor Rover? He should be comforted by the fact that the NYT thinks he's on the cutting edge of design."

“Poor Rover? He should be comforted by the fact that the NYT thinks he's on the cutting edge of design.”

What most people don't realize is that we really, actually do not hate everything that we post about.

Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao

In fact, as we've said in interviews before, we'll often 'mogg' things we actually like, but the reason we post about them anyway is that they are still things that strike us as odd or have an aspect about them that we think is funny.

A) Why is the design world so pretentious? B) Does it drive you crazy? It drives me crazy. C) What's the most pretentious piece you've seen so far?

A) We don't know. B) And yes. And that's exactly why we started the blog–we were getting really sick of it!

C) The most pretentious piece we've ever seen? That's a tall order, but it would probably be one of those 'super-expensive' pieces that has a fancy designer name attached and looks looks like some kid put it together in shop class.

Taxidermy: Awesome or awful?

AWFUL. Always.

Is there a piece of furniture, or decor, that embodies the opposite of fugly?

Of course! There are tons of pieces and styles of decor that we personally love… but that said, we always want to bear in mind that taste is subjective, and just because we love or don't love a piece doesn't mean that other people will or won't as well.

At the end of the day, for us, it's all about embracing what you love and what works for you– with a healthy dash of humor added in!

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