Los Angeles police were saving the announcement for a Friday afternoon press conference, but it looks like Fox's America's Most Wanted got the scoop: A fugitive featured on the show, Jesus Catalan, was nabbed at the border in connection with the Hollywood homicide of transgender female Paulina Ibarra.

AMW reports that 24-year-old Catalan was arrested by Mexican authorities who then deported him by dropping him off at the border for being in that country illegally; U.S. authorities in San Diego grabbed him, fingerprinted him and soon realized he was wanted in the Ibarra case.

This all happened over the 4th of July weekend, according to AMW.

The 27-year-old victim was portrayed on the show as a natural beauty known in the Latino transgender community of East Hollywood. Police said she was found fatally stabbed on the floor of her apartment at 939 N. Mariposa Ave. on Aug. 28.

Los Angeles police planned a 4 p.m. press conference at the Rampart Division to reveal the name of the suspect in custody.

LA Weekly