Finally (finally!), a Tumblr has emerged that stands up for your neighborhood mom & pop that's getting shamelessly mocked by Yelpers who have no idea what they're talking about. The to-the-point and somewhat NSFW-named Fuck You Yelper is, by its own definition,”an exploration of the douchbaggery idiots commit when enabled with an internet connection, enough money for a meal, and a sense of entitlement.”

“What's wrong with Yelp?” you might wonder.

Is it not a democratic platform that gives a voice to the masses and allows we freedom-loving Americans to express our first amendment rights?

Well, sure. Everyone has a right to say what's on their minds. But as the Scarecrow once told Dorothy, “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.”

So in an attempt to put these fools in check, locally-based Fuck You Yelper rounds up these moronic (mostly) restaurant critiques and hangs them out to dry.

As for what sparked this movement, the Tumblr's manifesto explains:

I used to love Yelp.

I remember when the Web 2.0 site meant that I could indulge my obsession with finding local gems. You know what I'm talking about…the type of place that you drive by every week and always wonder if it's any good (it is). Crowdsourced reviews meant I could trust my neighbor to tell me what was good without ever having to actually talk to them. What? I'm shy.

Then something happened, people became assholes. Blame Food Network, Top Chef, or even American Idol. Going out to eat no longer meant checking out a new cuisine, culture, or neighborhood. Our newly formed Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives culture means the masses expect every dining experience to be unique and mindblowing; we expect to be floored with delight and convulse with adoration. Fuck local business if they don't bend backwards for our hard-earned dollar…it's a goddamn recession and we expect to be entertained.

If you're feeling similar frustrations, you too can join the fun and submit any idiotic quote you come across for posting on the site. They shouldn't be too hard to find.

Follow Fuck You Yelper on Twitter @EffYouYelper, and Ali Trachta @MySo_CalLife. Thanks to @PatCauley for the tip.

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