Fuck buddies, aka Friends With Benefits, aka No Strings Attached Relationships, are fun to talk about and emotional to deal with.

On yesterday's edition of “Between the Sheets” with crazily candid host Lora Somoza, her pinked-out co-star Amanda Hyde, and Brit comedian Cole Parker (hands off, he's MINE), we dove ass first into new dark corners of the NSA world. It's not all fun, games and occasional tears.

Do you have an NSA gig going on now? Any signs of dementia developing? Do you know where your cat is?

Both Hyde and Parker experienced severe backlash with one or more of their fuck buddy set-ups resulting in almost unbelievable antics including breaking and entering, harassment and even an address change.

It's one thing to beware of hurt feelings and communicating precisely what you're looking for in the other person (i.e. hard penises and available vaginas). You also might want to know the person for longer than a half hour before launching a sex schedule with someone who may or may not be willing to stop it.

For that matter, how does one actually start an NSA relationship without sounding like a complete slut or utter creep?

“Hey baby, wanna fuck whenever I text you but never talk on the phone, eat a meal together, or be seen in public fully clothed?”

Not gonna work. We found at least one member of the party finds his/her way into the NSA situation unwittingly, and it takes a rejected, “Wanna see a movie?” to realize it.

Tune into “Between the Sheets” to hear some truly amazing Fuck Buddy stories from our beloved hosts and guests, and stick around to the end to get some advice about giving blowjobs, what to do when dudes say, “No thanks,” to your oral offer, and how not to scare yourself out of your first cock-sucking session.

HINT: Hyde barfed on her first BJ. In the dark. In church. Yeah, told you it was good.

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