Put down that frozen tamale and back away slowly. KTLA reports that a recall of 144,000 thousand pounds of frozen tamales made and sold in California is in effect.

Homestead Pasta Company is the source of the faulty food, as the meat and poultry within the tamales has been found to contain whey, a known dairy allergen. The company also functions under the names Garibaldi Beef Tamale, Garibaldi Turkey Tamale, Golden West Traditional Beef Tamale With Sauce in Husk, Golden West Traditional Turkey Tamale With Sauce in Husk, Casper Homestead Pasta Company Beef Tamale and Casper Homestead Pasta Company Chicken Tamale.

Any tamales made between April 2010 (yikes!) and now fall under the recall. Thankfully, no adverse reactions have yet been reported.

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