From Waste to Wrist: Flex Watches’ Eco-Friendly Ocean Plastic Timepiece

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For many people, watches are status symbols that speak volumes about who they are and what they can afford. Travis Lubinsky, the entrepreneur and founder behind Flex Watches, views watches as a different type of status symbol. In his case, your watch isn’t a reflection of your earnings but rather of your enlightenment. Specifically, your dedication to the environment and commitment to purposeful change.

Travis, who once appeared on CNBC’s The Profit and was mentored by Shark Tank‘s Daymond John, has an impressive track record. In addition to creating a million-dollar watch brand, he’s partnered with global giants, including Star Wars, Minions, and WWE. He’s also been recognized for his talent, appearing on MTV’s The Real World, and has collaborated with the retail giants Champs and Zappos.

However, with the fashion industry increasingly valuing sustainability and purpose, it is his trailblazing watch brand that has captured the industry’s and the public’s imagination. Since its inception in 2011, Flex Watches has been more than a mere wrist accessory brand. The company has stayed true to its mission to catalyze positive change and empower individuals. Through campaign slogans like “It’s Time,” the brand urges its community to take charge of their narratives and emerge as heroes of their own stories.

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“We believe time is an opportunity for meaningful change,” says Travis. “Our brand encourages people to pursue dreams, passions, and positive impacts, one second at a time.”

This philosophy shines through in Flex Watches’ newest offering, the Ocean Plastic Flex Watch. It’s a fusion of fashion and responsibility, crafted from recycled ocean plastic, transforming waste into a statement piece of fashion.

“The Ocean Plastic Flex Watch is a constant reminder that our planet’s healing and personal growth are intimately connected,” Travis emphasizes.

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However, navigating the path to this success required overcoming challenges and obstacles. The brand had to deal with technicalities, supply chain issues, and questions around scalability. However, Travis saw these challenges as opportunities. “Our challenges became chances to redefine our purpose,” he notes.

Through overcoming adversity and staying focused on innovation, Travis gleaned insights that can be applied to any entrepreneurial endeavor. Among them are:

  1. Embrace Challenges as Opportunities: Perceived setbacks can actually serve as catalysts for innovation and growth.
  2. Passion Drives Persistence: Tap into your passion to fuel your resilience and commitment to your vision, especially when facing obstacles in your journey.
  3. Creativity Breeds Innovation: Thinking outside the box can lead to revolutionary products.
  4. Hard Work Is Essential: If you don’t put in the work, even the most brilliant idea remains just that—an idea.
  5. Adaptability Is Key: Continuously evolving and pivoting are integral parts of the process.
  6. Purpose-Driven Brands Resonate: Consumers gravitate toward companies that stand for more than just profit.
  7. Community Is Everything: The strength of Flex Watches lies in its ability to unite people through a shared commitment to positive change.

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The Ocean Plastic Flex Watch is not just a watch. It’s a movement and a call to action. As the brand continues to evolve, it invites like-minded people to wear their values, embrace their potential, and make every second meaningful. After all, with Flex Watches, the power to shape the world is, quite literally, in your hands.

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