From Vintage Shows to Viral Streams: The Evolution of Covet by Christos  

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Image credit: Christos Garkinos

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury retail, few names have made as significant an impact as Christos Garkinos, the visionary behind Covet by Christos. What began as a series of traveling vintage sales events has transformed into a dynamic live-streaming shopping network, captivating millions of viewers and generating sales in the $100 million range. In this exclusive interview, Christos shares the inspiring journey of Covet by Christos, detailing the innovative pivot from physical events to digital success and offering insights into the future of live shopping and the luxury resale market.


-What inspired you to transition from a traditional traveling vintage sale event to a live-streaming shopping network?


I had built a successful business focused on traveling to luxury vintage shows in smaller markets across the US. The pandemic shutdown happened, and I had to pivot quickly.

I needed a platform, and I happened on D-Nice’s IG live on March 22, 2020. I saw thousands of people, and a lightbulb appeared in my head. The next day, I turned on my camera at 5 PM and launched my idea; 8 hearty souls tuned in! And since then, we have reached millions!


The Covet by Christos network has witnessed sales totaling in the $100 million range since its establishment. What factors do you believe have contributed to this level of success?

We are a community first, curated product selection second, and, lastly, always entertaining. Our success will be driven by having the best worldwide partners, innovative merchandising strategies, and a safe environment to shop within.


Live shopping has become increasingly popular. How do you think this trend will evolve in the coming years?

Currently, over 30 percent of shopping is done live in Asia. In the US, it is in its nascent stage and growing rapidly. There is lots of room for growth. I believe that product selection, technological advances, and smart product programming will drive this growth. Overall, the evolution of live shopping will be driven by technology.


-Can you describe a typical live shopping stream on Covet by Christos? What makes it unique compared to other shopping platforms?


I run the network like a TV network. We program our shows with hosts and partners who each bring something new to the party. The product is king. Community is everything. And the laughter and fun never subside. Our community and feeling of belonging set us apart from any live shopping platform, period.

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Image credit: Christos Garkinos

-How would you describe your personal style, and how does it influence the curation of items for your platform?


My style blends elements of Tom Ford with my father’s influence. My dad was one of the most stylish men ever.


-How do you gather and respond to feedback from your audience to continuously improve the shopping experience?


Feedback is continuous in our lives. We get it in real-time. We take suggestions and run with them, sometimes implementing them on the spot.


-Where do you see Covet by Christos in the next five years?


In five years, I see CBC as the forerunner in live selling, targeting the luxury consumer.

We will have moved beyond our resale roots and will grow into categories like home and art to collectibles.


What are your long-term goals for the platform?


We will continue to build our community via live and in-person programming. We are moving into other selling platforms to extend our reach. I expect to be 24/7 in a few year’s time with multiple shows running at once.

As Covet by Christos continues to redefine the luxury shopping experience, it’s clear that Christos’s unique blend of community-focused engagement, meticulous curation, and relentless innovation will keep the platform at the forefront of the industry. With ambitious plans to expand into new categories and platforms and a commitment to staying connected with its audience, Covet by Christos is poised to lead the way in the future of live shopping. Christos’s journey is a testament to the power of adaptability and vision in turning challenges into extraordinary opportunities.

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