From Ty Dolla $ign to L7: The 129th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from WILL K, hip-hop from $atori Zoom, metal from Mercyful Fate, punk from L7, pop from Belinda Carlisle, and so much more.

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Bridging the Gap

Far East Movement (Courtesy of Transparent Arts)

From Ty Dolla $ign to L7

Also this week:

In this week’s cover story, Kevin Nishimura of the Far East Movement told us that, ““The Far East Movement was really the beginning of our lives in the professional music industry. We started as a music group, doing electronic rap, representing Korea Town and Downtown L.A. We were signed to Interscope, and really had a learning experience in the music industry head on. As we started getting older and transitioning into more of the business role, we really wanted to reach out and create those channels to reach out. Pacific Bridge Arts was that perfect bridge where we could go back into the community and inspire students and young musicians that were looking at the music industry and seeing that it felt so far away. Pacific Bridge Arts was a way for us to bridge that gap through scholarships and different programs. It started out with live shows. That was why we wanted to get involved. We didn’t see many programs that were doing that type of work. We were excited to be a part of that.”

In “Not Another DJ,” WILL K said that, “I don’t like to box myself in with genres as everyday I’m always creating something new, and only a small portion of my music library has actually been released on streaming platforms. But I like to think you can hear my “signature sound”; tight drums and bouncy basslines, catchy vocal hooks and often moody and melodic elements that give ‘club’ music a ‘song’ feel.”

































































































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