From The Weeknd to the Donnas: The one hundred and second LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Damian Lazarus and Flosstradamus, R&B from Coco Jones, punk from Devo and the Venomous Pinks, rock from Shark Island, and so much more.

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Devo-lution -- Art-punk pioneers are hopeful on Hall of Fame possibilities

Devo (Michael Heeg)

From The Weeknd to the Donnas

Also this week:

Mark Mothersbaugh of print stars Devo told us that: “I think a lot of what makes most bands important in the first place is kids that are at this age where they realize Santa’s not real and they question all sorts of things. They come into a world that they don’t understand, and one of the only things that gives you some sort of comfort is music. The reality is, we have people come up to us at Devo shows and tell us we saved their lives. ‘I thought the world was totally insane and made no sense, and then I found you guys and I realized I was correct – that helped.’ That can be any band for any person. It can be any kind of music. So I think we’re as appropriate as anyone.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Damian Lazarus said, “I recorded two albums, produced a bunch of remixes for other artists, signed some incredible music to my record label, crosstown rebels, and launched a brand new label, secret teachings. I also wept a lot at the state of the world and did my best to support family and friends who were suffering.”

“I’m super excited to be back at Coachella for the second time performing,” he added. “Expect mind expanding rhythm and sound and some pretty cool costumes.”



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