Walking into Mikey’s Hookup, you’re instantly hit with a cozy nostalgia of the hobby stores that once reigned supreme before cookie-cutter chains took over. For musicians and techies by musicians and techies, this little shop is anything but small. An expertly curated store, you can find everything from Apple products to supplies for professional audio, video, computers musicians, DJs and more. 

It’s hard to choose the best part about this store. Convenience and knowledge aside, one can’t help but be charmed by the 80s memorabilia and friendly atmosphere. It truly feels like you’re swinging by a friend’s studio garage to grab an extra part. 

“I’ve designed and decorated the store as if it was the teenage fantasy bedroom my parents never let me have, minus the Samatha Fox posters of course,” laughs Mikey. “On the walls are all my favorite 80’s posters, vintage stereos and, of course, an amazing selection of vintage guitars.”

What sticks out to me the most, however, is their commitment to their community. Doing repairs and data recovery as well as supplying everything needed to work from home, Mikey’s Hookup was deemed an essential business during L.A. ‘s COVID-19 shutdown. While their competitors closed up shop, Mikey and his crew kept the ship afloat, ensuring that the livelihoods of their customers were as unaffected as possible. 

During the pandemic shutdown, the last thing we ever thought would happen is every Apple Store in the country to close,” explains Mikey. Apple Stores closing meant that his shop was one of the only Authorized Apple Repair centers open in the entire Los Angeles area. 

Frantic for help upon finding the go-to retailer giant unavailable in their time of need, Angelnos were relieved to find Mikey’s Hookup with its lights on. 

“After only being open for seven months and working hard to get the word out about our store this city shutdown brought us a tidal wave of new customers that never knew we existed,” appreciates Mikey. 

How does a business stay open while adhering to social distancing rules? Not easily. The crew had to come up with some creative modifications to keep safe, but at the end of the day, Mikey was proud to be able to keep his staff employed and his community supported. 

We modified our front entrance with a plexi-glass barrier like a giant salad sneeze guard protecting all our customers and us during every transaction,” explains Mikey. “Customers felt so grateful and safe!”

While the situation was tense, Mikey’s staff never wavered in their friendliness, saying it was exhausting but very gratifying helping their new home with their supply needs and computer issues. 

“It was a tough decision for the employees to continue to help the public but it was a great feeling to help out these customers’ needs in the pandemic situation,” says Mikey. 

Staying open during the stay-at-home order got them noticed, as recording studios and post production houses quickly learned about their robust stock of supplies and Apple Computer necessities. Given how unreliable big name brands and online retailers had become in the past two months, the dependability of Mikey’s Hookup was a precious commodity. 

As one of only four independent Authorized Apple Service Centers in all of Los Angeles, they are one of the last remaining small businesses that can fix your problems quickly and efficiently – without the up-sell. 

“The difference between going to Mikey’s Hookup vs any big box store or even online is that all the staff helping you at Mikey’s are actual Video Editors, Musicians, Audio Engineers and Apple Technicians themselves ready to answer all your questions,” explains musician and founder, Mikey Weiss. “We’ve been doing this for 20 years – we know why something will work and why it won’t. All you gotta do is ask us!”

While their Brooklyn counterpart has a long history of helpfulness and knowledge, L.A.’s store is catching up quickly. Though less than a year old, it has already become the go-to spot for Apple supplies, repairs, audio-video production supplies and work-from-home necessities. For those that hate long lines and uneducated service, Mikey’s Hookup has been an L.A. savior. 

An industry professional himself, Mikey is no stranger to the intricacies of studio equipment. 

“I was a professional bass player myself for many years in a Ska/punk band called the Dance Hall Crashers,” shares Mikey with L.A. Weekly. “I know first-hand what essential supplies a band might need to make the show go on.”  So much so that he’s personally-curated a section of the store called the “Roadie Wall,” complete with drum sticks, guitar strings, ear plugs and tuners, along with every cable imaginable and more. Keeping up with the times, they also stock just about every Apple computer accessory needed to make your live show or recording session a success. 

Whether you need to save your data, are desperate for help with an out-of-warranty repair, or are on the hunt for hard-to-find equipment, Mikey’s Hookup is the place you want to go. Not available online, customers can give them a quick call at (323) 741-0330 any day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to find what they’re looking for. 

Why in-person and not online? Because it would take away from their goal of actually helping people and sharing their knowledge. “Our heads are filled with so much techie information of what we sell that there would be no way to share that info with a customer online or give them similar customer experience in a way we would be happy with,” says Mikey. “Just give us a call!” 

If you need something done right the first time, or want to save valuable time and actually get what you need the day you need it, head on over to Mikey’s Hookup at 2395 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90039

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