From Stunna Girl to Sonic Youth: The eighty-third LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Stephan Bodzin, hip-hop from Stunna Girl, punk/indie from Sonic Youth and The Locust, and so much more.

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Blu DeTiger (Yana Yatsuk)

Also this week:

Blu DeTiger said of last year’s How Did We Get Here EP: “I’m really grateful that people are listening. I think I didn’t realize the impact until I played shows and I played those songs for people, and saw people singing them back at me. I think that was a powerful moment. Because you know, you put out songs during the pandemic era and all you see are numbers on the screen. You don’t know how it’s impacting people. So you play a show, and everyone’s there to sing these songs with you. I think I was definitely really, really stoked on the response and I’m really happy that people connected with the songs. I didn’t fully realize the magnitude until I started playing shows and then I was like, ‘Oh my god, people actually know the words to these songs – it’s crazy.’ So I think the shows are when I realized it but I’m really happy that people listen. It’s my first EP, so it was me kinda introducing myself to the world and I’m excited to expand on it.”

Meanwhile, techno artist Stephan Bodzin said: “In general I’m the same musician, being touched by the same kind of harmonics and just trying to bring it in a shape which suits my ears and these day also my live set. It’s melodic, it’s electric, it has to tell a story somehow.”

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