From Overwhelmed to Thriving: How Jessica Armstrong’s 7 Week Success Coaching Program Is Empowering Real Estate Agents

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, needing direction and purpose? Are you overwhelmed with stress and uncertainty, unable to find the motivation to move forward? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many real estate agents experience these struggles—in fact, they’re precisely what inspired Jessica Armstrong to develop the 7 Week Success Coaching Program.

Jessica, also known as ‘The AHA Coach,’ is a life coach and entrepreneur who built a successful transaction coordination business, TCCREATED, in the real estate industry. Her passion for helping others find their purpose and reach their full potential culminated in the 7 Week Success Coaching program, which she designed to guide real estate agents on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and passion. The ultimate objective? Empower them to overcome obstacles, find their purpose, and achieve their goals.

From momentum to manifestation

But what makes Jessica’s coaching program stand out? It’s not just about providing guidance and support; it’s about creating a safe space for clients to open up and dive deep into parts of themselves they may have never seen before. It’s about creating ‘aha’ moments that energize self-confidence, self-love, passion, and excitement. Clients can build confidence and worry less about outcomes and results by utilizing small action steps for momentum.

That momentum snowballs into sustainable manifestation. Jessica’s clients develop a ‘power tool’ of life skills that empowers them to focus on what they can control. The aim is to stop overburdened mindsets and hone in on the opportunities of staying true to one’s purpose.

“Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams,” she says. “Instead, use it to motivate yourself to new heights.”

A motivated mindset

However, building momentum isn’t enough. A positive mindset is crucial. That’s where The 7 Week Success Coaching program comes in. The certified life coach helps clients develop a mindset that lets go of negativity, accepts where they are, and sees more possibilities and hope. By unlocking coping skills to manage emotions, uncertainty, and challenges, clients can create a sustainable mindset for growth and success.

Jessica’s journey to becoming a successful life coach wasn’t easy. She struggled with alcohol and felt lost, hopeless, and depressed. But a sea kayaking trip to Alaska changed everything for her. When she returned, she discovered her true purpose without distraction and began her journey to coaching real estate agents.

The life coach’s experience in the sector also taught her valuable lessons about perseverance and self-made success. Despite being told “no” repeatedly by higher-ups, she realized that if she wanted success, she’d have to make it for herself. She started TCCREATED and discovered a newfound confidence in her abilities.

Coaching consolidation

Less than two years later, Jessica founded Jessica Armstrong Co. to help real estate agents find their purpose and reach their full potential. She believes that negative self-talk and a lack of mental space can stunt progress, and she helps clients overcome these obstacles to achieve their goals.

One of the most appealing aspects of the program to today’s real estate agents is its flexibility. Property exists everywhere, as do Jessica’s on-demand videos, guides, and toolkits, which agents can access online.

Responding to a long-neglected need, Jessica Armstrong’s 7 Week Success Coaching program drops down the ladder to real estate agents who feel stuck in a rut. Speeding up the journey to success parallels creating a safe space for clients to open up and discover their true selves. By building momentum, developing a positive mindset, and unlocking coping skills, real estate agents have the opportunity to progress down a more purposeful path.

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