From Myd to ADULT: The 139th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Myd, hip-hop from Wallie the Sensei, punk from 45 Grave, R&B from Queen Naija and the Temptations, industrial from Skinny Puppy, and so much more.

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Looks Like Myd Made it

Myd (Alice Moitié)

From Myd to ADULT

Also this week:

Print star Wallie the Sensei told us that, “As a kid, when you go through that, it opens your eyes to a different world versus having things handed to you. My siblings and I were staying at hotels bouncing from place to place. The experience made me grow up early. I took a summer job when I was 14 to help pull my weight. Musically it just made me go harder in everything I do. It also made me feel separated from my ego; I was just hungry for success trynna make sure I wouldn’t face it again. It made my music more honest, while everybody else wanted the world to believe they’re rich and have no problems. My music doesn’t always talk about celebration, it talks about real problems.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Myd said that, “I would just say that after a long period of darkness I can see a comeback of love, light and warmth into the clubs and festivals. Maybe it’s something to do with coming out of the pandemic: humans need to feel and connect with other humans, not robots.”




































































































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