From Magic Wands to Hypnosis Waves: Tyzen’s Mesmerizing Journey

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Few thirteen-year-olds have clearly defined career aspirations. Even fewer realize these aspirations as adults. Tyzen, the Comedy Hypnotist, is the exception. Having evolved into a cutting-edge performer who distinguishes himself from other entertainers through his unique combination of quick-witted comedy, magic, hypnosis, and a healthy dose of spontaneity, Tyzen’s journey is anything but an illusion.

Born in Winnipeg, Tyzen’s love for magic was ignited when he was 13 after watching David Copperfield escape from an exploding building. His future career was launched when his musician father introduced him to the prestigious Morris Entertainment agency at that young age. This representation opened doors, connecting him to established local professionals from whom he gleaned invaluable insights that would accelerate his career.

Tyzen would eventually be inducted into the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). However, even in high school, his fascination with magic and hypnosis couldn’t be denied. A memorable incident occurred when he accidentally hypnotized the school’s burly jock, turning him into a graceful ballet dancer during an English class presentation on hypnosis. The unexpected success was a milestone, a glimpse into his potential.

Post-high school, Tyzen’s popularity soared. From performing at kids’ birthday parties and corporate events to headlining shows at local bars, fundraisers, theaters, and casinos, Tyzen made a name for himself.

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In the early 2000s, Tyzen relocated to Calgary, AB, a move short-lived as he was scouted by an agent from Portland, OR, who saw his potential. His reputation quickly grew in the fair industry, performing all across the US. However, after his agent fell sick, Tyzen moved to the entertainment hub of the world: Las Vegas. Here, Mason Entertainment, formerly known as TEI, took Tyzen under its wing. This marked a pivotal point in his career, culminating in his headlining show, “Persuasion,” at Harrah’s Casino in 2012.

Like any performer, however, Tyzen faced challenges, the biggest of which was the skepticism surrounding hypnosis. “Stage hypnotists always have to deal with skeptics and folks too shy to volunteer for the performance,” Tyzen explains. However, he has overcome this through his quick wit and engaging rapport with the audience.

In addition to headlining at Harrah’s Casino in Reno, Tyzen’s impressive accomplishments include winning the 1989 Junior Grand Champion of Magic—Society of Young Magicians and being a regular headliner on Royal Caribbean Cruises. He will soon be featured in an animated short by Film Cow, the creator of Charlie the Unicorn. He is also a Board-Certified Hypnotist through the National Board of Hypnosis.

Described by former Senior Editor of the National Inquirer, Edward Sigall, as taking “the ancient art of stage hypnosis to a whole new level by combining it with genuine wit and insight,” the ever-ambitious Tyzen is poised to achieve even more. “In a few years, I would love to see myself in more soft-seat theaters across the country. I also plan to break into television. I’ve written several TV concepts. It’s just a matter of bringing them to fruition with the right people,” he shared.

From the snowy winters of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, to the bright lights of Harrah’s Casino, the fascinating journey of Tyzen, the celebrated comedy hypnotist, has been nothing short of magical. Through all his adventures, Tyzen’s words of advice remain as clear as ever: “Be honest with your audience. Be genuine.”

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