From Los Bitchos to Bratty: The 151st LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Parallelle, hip-hop from Wallie the Sensei, pop from AMAKA, punk from the Urinals and Minutemen, glam from Rachel Stamp and Buckcherry, and so much more.

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NY photo shoot 5 credit Danielle St. Laurent

Blondie (Danielle St. Laurent)

From Los Bitchos to Bratty

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In the cover feature about Coachella, Clem Burke from Blondie said, “My nieces are very excited about going. Within Blondie, our audience is pretty widespread over the generations. Our audience and music is pretty diverse, so it seems to translate to a lot of different generations. We played in Mexico City last night, we did an arena show. The audience was quite young and they were very receptive. We’re kind of on a roll. We’ve been on an arena tour of the UK and that was a very mixed audience. So I don’t think it’ll be challenging. I think the legacy of the band is the music, the songs. And I think a lot of young women appreciate what Debbie did in the ‘70s and what the band did in general. It all goes hand in hand.”

“I did perform twice there, on my two previous records,” said Chris of Christine & the Queens. “The first Coachella was very impressive, quite a milestone for a French artist like me at the time. Got me dreaming a bit bigger but you also know as a performer, a stage is a stage, I remember the sand in my nose and my dancers so thrilled to be there and our white t-shirts in the desert, and my big stilts cause I did Saint Claude perched on them, theatrics as always. The second Coachella was a deep performance at night, then my whole life changed so I remember less the festival than the city where my world shifted for ever. Love you mum.”






























































































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