From Josh Freese to the Monkees: The seventy-ninth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Alan Fitzpatrick, hip-hop from IV4, punk/indie from Josh Freese, Goth Babe and Agent Orange, and so much more.

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Josh Freese (Nicole Freese)

From Josh Freese to the Monkees: Also this week: 

Josh Freese explained the concept behind his new album. “I started writing and recording these songs with no intention at all of releasing them, or at least selling them,” Freese said. “I didn’t want to go through the whole process of making a record. I’m too lazy. I love the process of writing and recording music and doing it on my own. I have a home studio that I always complain about never having enough time to work in, so I didn’t have an excuse now. So I went back there and started writing one-minute songs, which is also very non-committal. It’s not very daunting to have to write a one-minute song for the sake of a little art project. Some of them turned into songs that sounded like regular rock & roll songs, and some of them just turned into weird little one-minute snippets of things.”

Alan Fitzpatrick explained his sound. “My music has always been versatile, driving, and energetic,” he said. “But I’m done with fitting neatly into categories; tech-house, electronica, techno. Coming out of lockdown, I’m playing for myself again. Vibing with the crowd and producing/playing tracks which make me happy.”

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