From His Studio to Your Home – Making Art Accessible with John Moran and BackDoorArt

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Glass sculptures add a very distinct vibe to the decor of your home. And if you are a collector, they become the most eye-catching piece of your stock. Glass is an extraordinary material – the texture, the shine, the finish, and the crystalline aesthetic make it a unique and notable addition to your personal art collection. Moreover, the beauty coupled with fragility adds to its preciousness. Now, imagine a glass art piece that ‘speaks’ to you. Intriguing, right?

Art is not about merely giving shape and color to a material. It is about expressing yourself through a medium. John Moran, a glass maestro, deeply understands the value of this expression. He creates phenomenal glass sculptures that not only carry a certain artistic allure but also convey a message or represent a thought. John is renowned globally for his craft, especially famous for the symbolism portrayed in his works.

Most of his works are available on his website, BackDoorArt, for interested parties to purchase. Whether it’s for collection or home decor, John has made sure that his works are within reach of people from different financial backgrounds. On his webshop, you’ll see items ranging from 30 EUR to 20,000 EUR. And astonishingly, all of them are equally appealing and eccentric in their own right.

John aims not just to attract customers towards his peculiar art pieces. Instead, he wants to create items that resonate with people on an individual, social, communal, and intellectual level. He wants to use this craft as a medium to communicate his ideas and stir up a debate centered around the message he conveys through his art.

This is what sets John apart from others. Pouring his feelings and ideology into the hot glass and then sculpting it into his exact vision adds that X-factor to his art pieces. Despite the tremendous effort required to create them, his glass items are priced the most competitively in the industry. This ensures that the cost does not prevent the audience from owning one.

John’s unique position is better expressed in his own words posted on BackDoorArt. Though not in a traditional sense, he is a storyteller – his words are etched abstractly over his art. Let us have a look at some of his art pieces.

Half Way – inspired by John’s father, who passed away due to a heart attack.

Armed For Knowledge – inspired by the events related to arming teachers to protect students

Wretched Refused – inspired by a girl who escaped human trafficking  at the age of fourteen.

Alluring pieces like these and much more can grace your collection or embellish your decor by simply placing an order on John’s webshop. Each piece is signed and comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity. Reasonably priced, they ship directly from Belgium at a standard US shipping rate without any extra charges. Apart from art pieces, you’ll also find some really cool wearables up for grabs.

Connect with John on Instagram to see a more candid version of him, and visit BackDoorArt to have a look at his amazing productions.

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