From Doechii to the 1975: The 116th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Madeon, hip-hop from Doechii with SZA, rock from the 1975 and T-Rex, punk from Paul Roessler, and so much more.

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Paul Roessler’s Bright World

Paul Roessler (Rachel Roessler)

From Doechii to the 1975

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Print star Paul Roessler told us that, “I want to tell everybody what every song is exactly about, but I have this thing in the back of my mind that I’m not quick to do that. I will say that, every time I go into the studio I can write music. Music just comes out of me. But to take the music and then have it turned into a finished song is a very slow process. Usually what happens is, I sit with the music for hours, trying to figure out what the music is trying to tell me. The music will dictate consonants and vowels, and then slowly these meanings will swim up. I won’t know what a song is about sometimes until quite a ways into the process. But I did notice that themes of death came up a lot, about being ready to die – that keeps reappearing, which is kinda cliche and trite, but it must have been on my mind.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Madeon said that, “I come from a generation that discovered dance music entirely online, as a child, long before partying or nightclubs could possibly be on my radar. As such I always listened to dance music alongside pop music, there was never a big gap between Daft Punk and The Beatles in my imagination. I think the music I make today reflects that, I think about songwriting and melodies a lot more than danceability. Most of my music today is made of songs I wrote and sang by myself. The line between DJ and pop singer is blurry.”



































































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