From Doechii to Blondie: The 153rd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Lupe Fuentes and Nora En Pure, hip-hop from Doechii and Lauryn Hill, punk from Destroy Boys and Blondie, metal from Knocked Loose, pop from Blackpink and so much more.

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Destroy Boys Live Up to Their Name at Coachella

Destroy Boys (Courtesy of Coachella/J Lee Young

From Doechii to Blondie

Also this week:

As part of our Coachella coverage, Violet Mayugba of Destroy Boys told us that, “Oh my god, it was amazing. It was so cool. It was very overwhelming because we don’t have a lot of festival experience. But it was so cool. Everyone treated us so well. The crowd was awesome. It was just, overall, super fun.”

Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose said that, “It was amazing. Honestly, you never really know what to expect at festivals like that – there are so many different artists to choose from. And especially at a fest like Coachella where we’re clearly the black sheep or the oddball. But we kinda like that. I feel like we thrive in that kind of atmosphere. It’s easier to turn heads. And then it just went amazing. None of us really expected to have that kind of reaction, to have that kind of crowd there. It was just better than we could have ever hoped.”

And Lava La Rue said, “It was great. It was our first ever time playing an American festival, ever. So yeah, and it was being livestreamed so it was a bit of pressure but only because I knew my grandma would be watching. That’s the scariest part. Not all the influencers in the crowd, but potentially my grandma livetreaming it at home. Although it’s a bit part her bedtime in UK time. So yeah, that’s what was going through my mind.”


































































































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