From Courtroom to Spotlight: Ricardo Vargas’ Inspiring Journey from Lawyer to Actor

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Photo credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

In a world where countless individuals tread paths they didn’t choose, shackled by fear of the unknown, Ricardo Vargas emerges as an emblem of courage. A successful lawyer turned actor, Ricardo symbolizes the power of pursuing passion over predictability. Leaving behind a flourishing legal career, he dared to embrace his dream, stepping onto the gleaming stages of Hollywood. His story illustrates how the courage to follow your heart can lead to a life beyond what you dare to imagine.

A lawyer from Monterrey, Mexico, Ricardo is now a budding actor with an unyielding determination to live his lifelong passion. He has harbored a deep-seated love for acting since childhood. However, Ricardo understood the value of a stable career and pursued law, securing his degree in 2019. “Law was always plan B in case plan A (acting) didn’t work,” he says. For two years, Ricardo diligently worked as a lawyer, all the while saving enough to fund his dream. In 2022, armed with his savings and bolstered by his resolve, he took the plunge, moving to Los Angeles to chart a new course in his life.

Ricardo’s first taste of acting came during a summer program in 2019 at the renowned New York Film Academy. The one-month course left him wanting more. Two years later, he enrolled in a full-year program at the same institution. He thrived in this environment, learning new things about the craft and the industry, drawing inspiration from his talented teachers and peers, who soon became like family.

Upon graduating in May 2022, Ricardo dove headfirst into an ocean of opportunities. He has since worked in numerous shorts, commercials, movies, and TV shows, most notably securing a leading role in a true crime show portraying one of the infamous Menendez brothers. A crowning achievement in his budding career is collaborating with the celebrated Lana Del Rey in one of her music videos.

Despite achieving a series of milestones, Ricardo’s journey hasn’t all been roses. Living away from his family and loved ones has been challenging. There were times when he had to forgo family birthdays and close friends’ weddings due to work commitments. The loneliness would sometimes creep in, but Ricardo knew this was part of his commitment to acting. In these moments of doubt and solitude, Ricardo learned to be his own cheerleader, finding strength within himself.

In an industry that often typecasts actors, Ricardo doesn’t shy away from expressing his adoration for the horror genre. Growing up, the Scream franchise was his favorite, and he dreams of becoming a part of it someday. This unabashed love for his craft and willingness to embrace the unconventional sets Ricardo apart from the crowd of actors in Hollywood.

Ricardo’s dreams are not limited to his success as an actor. He wants to inspire others, encouraging them to follow their hearts, irrespective of the hurdles. He fervently believes in the power of hard work and self-belief. “DO NOT let anyone tell you you’re not capable of doing something. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will.”

Ricardo Vargas’s transition from the courtroom to the spotlight is a fascinating tale of grit and determination. His journey through challenges proves that dreams can become a reality if pursued with an indomitable spirit. As Ricardo continues to ascend the steps of stardom, it is clear that his story is far from over—it’s just the beginning.

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