From Chloe to Beastie Boys: The 161st LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from LUUDE, hip-hop from Coi Leray with Lil Kayla, R&B from Chloe and Nia Archives, rock from Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello, and so much more.

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From Chloe to Beastie Boys

Goblynne (Kiersten Friesen)

From Chloe to Beastie Boys

Also this week:

Print star Goblynne told us that, “The project is a lot about femininity and being told I was a woman, and then realizing that I’m nonbinary later on in my life. I often had this feeling growing up, especially when I’d be in ‘girls night’ or whatever, that I was different but I could never describe it. And whenever I’d be asked to look really feminine and this particular sort of girly way, I often just had this feeling of, I’m a creature, I’m a monster. It was this intrusive, at the time very negative self-talk. As I got older and was birthing this project, I had this desire to reclaim or re-explore that feeling as something empowering. Like, if I am something different, how do I lean into that completely? What can my identity be outside of gender and womanhood, and leaning more into the creature sphere of things.”

In “Not Another DJ,” LUUDE said, “It’s feeling like drum n bass is starting to have a serious moment in the US. Everyone in the scene is buzzing about it.”


















































































































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