From Chance to HER: The 176th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Kiinjo, hip-hop from Chance the Rapper, iCandy & Flo Milli, R&B from HER, rock & roll from the Struts and Jethro Tull, and so much more.

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Brit Vicious

The Struts (Ben Cope)

From Chance to HER

Also this week:

Gethin Davies of print stars the Struts told us that, “I came from a small town in Wales where there’s not a lot of choice to do anything. So being here, you can go out and have a crazy night, or you can find an event. Bands come through and you can go and see gigs. It’s honestly endless, what you can do here. Also, we were touring for so long, this is the first time I’ve paid rent somewhere since I joined the band. We’d just been living out of suitcases for a while. So it’s nice to be able to settle down somewhere, and have everyone within 30 minutes of each other (they’re spread between Woodland Hills, West Hollywood and Burbank). It’s also nice to have time apart but knowing that we’re all very close if we want to hang out – it’s good.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Kiinjo said, “The festivals, Vegas and the mega-clubs are such big business and, through the pandemic, these entities swallowed a lot of the indie promoters and small clubs too. This promise of mainstream money and fame has attracted a lot of folks who are in it for just that. Over the past 6-7 years, this has made for a lot of copycat music and people trying to manufacture quick viral hype. However, this has also forced artists, promoters and dance subcultures to dig deep and strip it all back to the roots of local scenes with underground parties. This has also encouraged DJ and producers to get creative to stand apart from the corporate scenes. This is so good! There is also this kind of global pollination of all different world club musics – the sounds this produces are super exciting and it’s great to see some of these rhythms getting more shine right now.”

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