From being a software engineer to becoming an influential author and philanthropist, Rosa L. Antonini wins hearts.

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She wrote her much-talked-about book, “The Zero-Sum Game of You,” with the aim to benefit others through the book in more ways than one.

What really takes to turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories is a common question many have asked over the years, but only a few have understood that in the end, everything boils down to the many choices people make and the bold decisions, along with the risks they take in their journeys that go ahead in defining success and growth for them as individuals and professionals. This may sound easier, but in reality, it indeed is quite challenging as all do not go ahead in taking the required risks in their lives, which doesn’t lead them to the success they seek in their lives and careers, explains Rosa L. Antonini, who has so far in her career made a unique name for herself as an influential woman many want to listen to and read more about. Becoming this influential personality did not happen overnight, but her incredible work has today made her a well-recognized professional, an author and a philanthropist.

Rosa L. Antonini is the one who transformed her career from being a software engineer to also becoming a writer and author whose work can positively influence people around the world. She graduated as a Pharmacist in the Dominican Republic and went on to become a software engineer, attaining a Master’s degree in Information systems in the US. She still continues to be also known as a software engineer for her work in the STEM field. But as she continues to grow in the said field, she also shines bright as an author with her book “The Zero-Sum Game of You.” In the book, she talks about making choices that can be hard. It is her debut novel, and she still has become a prominent name on Amazon.

About the book, she explains that in game theory, a concept exists called a zero-sum game, where the player’s winnings equal to another player’s losses. This results in the net change of the transaction becoming zero. The book makes people understand how a game can be won in life without depriving others of something, where she explains how people have already met all the requirements needed to play and, most importantly, have the power to win. It is a self-help book, which was released last year in December, that so far has changed many lives for the positive. Soon, she will also be coming up with her workbook/planner and the Spanish version of the book The Zero-Sum Game of You.

Rosa L. Antonini says that they are spreading the program in Uganda and also want to offer them in other countries. The book will help people, and they will benefit from the same, she highlights. She wants to create more awareness through the book and program and wishes to expand them. Though her profile says that she gives 60% of her profits, she has been giving 100% and a lot more from her personal funds because all she wants is to better people’s lives by creating awareness.

She has now garnered more headlines for her upcoming podcast named “Glasses off with Rosa,” where she will discuss difficult topics to bring awareness of reality vs perception and will try to get good experts to debate these topics.

She highlights that in this world, everything and anything can be attained if people really believe in their dreams and, most importantly, in them as individuals as they possess the qualities and have it in them to create their own path to success.

Rosa L. Antonini lastly says that people have the power within them to mold the future their way, which in her book, she explains with relatable examples, how-to methods and practices.

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