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Nelk Boys are one of the largest prank video channels on YouTube. Currently at north of six million subscribers, they have become incredibly popular. If you see any of their videos, it becomes clear why. Their bold and daring pranks have gotten them arrested with felony charges, banned from towns, and even invited onto Air Force One to meet Donald Trump. This crew of prankster pros knows how to get attention. Helping them achieve this infamy is the man behind the camera, Austin Ermes, aka Ausgod.

Austin has been the Nelk Boys director of content for close to three years now. This has been his dream job, so he loves everything about it. Not only does he create the videos for the Nelk Boys YouTube channel, but he also creates all of the other video content for Full Send (affiliates with Nelk Boys) and all of the Nelk social media pages. 

The story of how Austin got this dream job is one that is paved with previous successes be enjoyed early on. It all started when he enrolled at the University of Guelph-Humber and graduated in Media Studies, earning a diploma in Digital Communications. At university, he learned everything he needed to know about shooting and developing video content that engaged audiences and left them wanting more.

Before moving too far ahead, it should be mentioned that Austin already landed an excellent gig while still studying at university. This job would be with East Coast Lifestyle, which is a clothing and lifestyle brand that itself found extraordinary success very quickly. 

Alex MacLean, the CEO of ECL, was someone Austin attempted to grab the attention of numerous times to no avail. Not taking failure as an option, he changed his strategy and sent him a video he shot for Lil Yachty and Rae Sremmurd in concert just a week earlier. That got his attention, as well as a job in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Alex was tight on money, but he felt so strongly about diving into this opportunity that he pushed through the fear and moved to Nova Scotia. What cemented his new role was a two-hour interview showing a look behind the brand. In a single week, the mini-documentary received over a million views.

Alex was beyond impressed at the success of Austin’s work, which is why he hired him full-time. Over the following two years, Austin traveled across North America to shoot creative video content for the ECL brand. 

While he was working for ECL, he was also rolling out his own freelance business. This moonlighting job is what eventually led to him working for Nelk Boys. A friend of his informed him that the team of pranksters was looking for a video editor. Since he didn’t know much about them at the time, he didn’t think too much of it but still sent in some of his work. It turned out the Nelk Boys loved his style and asked him to start editing for them. Fast-forward to today, and he lives in California and produces video content full-time for Nelk. With his help, Nelk Boys have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity.

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