Consistently inspired new L.A.-based digital label Friends Of Friends has just announced a new digital EP due out next Tuesday (Oct. 20). The Self Awakening EP is a precursor to the imprint's first full-length release, Ernest Gonzales' Been Meaning To Tell You, due out in February. Gonzales is actually the head of San Antonio's Exponential Records, but he's an adept electronicist to boot, as the EP's mellow titular MP3 demonstrates in spades.

Ernest Gonzales – “Self Awakening” (MP3)

Tuesday's release continues the Friends Of Friends theme by wrangling a handful of talented artists to remix or cover Gonzales' original pieces. Tracklisting after the jump.

The Self Awakening EP

01. “Self-Awakening”

02. “Self-Awakening” (Faunts Remix)

03. “Self-Awakening” (Take a.k.a. Sweatson Klank Cover)

04. “Upon the 19th Day” (Cyne Cover)

05. “We Can Live in the Forest”

06. “I'm Here You're There” (Mexicans with Guns Cover)

07. “Etchasketch Trees” (Yppah Cover)

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