Insisting that it would be “so money,” out-of-towner Jeff Wheeler announced earlier today that he would “really like to go to the bar from Swingers, tonight.”

Wheeler, 28, who is on vacation this week, is staying with college friend Dave Bechtold, a Los Feliz resident who moved to Southern California from their shared hometown of Marionville, Mo., in 2007.

According to Bechtold, the 28-year-old Swingers enthusiast “lost his shit” upon discovering that the bar down the street from his friend's apartment was a filming location for the 1996 indie comedy, and begged him to take him there.

“I was, like, 'Yeah, I guess we can walk over and grab a beer, later, if you want,' and he just went insane,” said Bechtold, 29. “I've literally never seen him so excited about anything. He's been texting his friends back home all  day and bragging about it.”

Sources close to the situation confirmed that Wheeler also called his mother, Martha Wheeler, to inform her that he was about to embark on one of the “craziest and most explosive” experiences of his life. The 64-year-old retired nurse said she was unsure of what, exactly, her son was going on about, but is “glad he's having a fun time in California.”

Wheeler was also reportedly “blown away” to learn that  Bechtold has actually hung out at the bar on multiple occasions.

“He keeps asking me if I'm friends with Vince Vaughn,” said Bechtold, who had just finished working an eight-hour shift at Trader Joe's. “I keep telling him that I've never even met the guy, and probably never will, but he thinks I'm just being coy.”

“I can't believe this is actually happening. I'm living the dream right now,” Wheeler said as he and Bechtold approached the entrance of the bar.

“We're gonna meet so many beautiful babies tonight. But we'll wait three days to call them. Right, Double-Down?” he added, laughing and nudging a visibly disinterested Bechtold in the ribs.

Sources later reported that Wheeler was last seen pouting inside the bar, complaining that it was too crowded and that $11 for a martini is “total bullshit.”

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