Here's all the uber-important food news on this happy, rainy Friday.

  • The McRib is bad for your health. [Time]
  • The McRib is made from the same stuff used to make the soles of shoes. [The Week]
  • The McRib is made from pigs that are horribly mistreated. [NY Daily News]
  • Slash loves food trucks — that make salad. [SF Weekly]
  • Woman finds live tree frog in salad at Alhambra Costco. [SGV Trib]
  • Slurping soup across the globe. [Lonely Planet]
  • The eternal cookie debate: Chewy vs. Crunchy. [Consumer Reports]
  • Burger King unveils pizza-sized burger. [Fit Perez]
  • Foodies web show tanks after 3 episodes. [Foodies]
  • Peanut butter prices skyrocket. [CNN Money]

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