Remember that freeway marriage proposal that stopped interstate 10 earlier this year and got the groom-to-be, Hector Martinez, arrested?

Maybe it wasn't worth it after all. A ring said to have been used in the motorcycle takeover of the freeway in West Covina was not-so-quietly put up for sale this week on Craigslist:

In language that invokes a nickname said to belong to Martinez (“Tank,”), the ad says …

Things didn't work out. The wedding is off. Now he is selling his ring. I'm his brother trying to help him out. Please buy the ring. This one is unique.

The ad links to the January proposal video in which bride-to-be Paige Hernandez apparently said yes.

Guess she had a change of heart.

The ring, said to have retailed for $3,699, is going for $3,000. (But wouldn't a prospective buyer think perhaps the thing is tainted with bad luck?).

We reached out to the seller but had yet to hear back.

Credit: Craigslist

Credit: Craigslist

After the quick shutdown involving more than 100 of bikers on the eastbound 10 at North Barranca Street, Martinez and three of his pals were arrested on suspicion of creating a public nuisance and participation in an unlawful assembly.

Martinez was also collared on suspicion of exhibition of speed. What kind of woman turns you down after all that? (And uh, Hey ladies — “Tank” is single!).

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