Eric Spillman at KTLA News pried the details out the mayor's office regarding Antonio Villaraigosa's European vacation working trip last December that cost you, the taxpayer, $120 Gs.

Mayor V. spent nine days in Berlin, London, and Copenhagen “to tell the world of the ground-breaking work that the city of Los Angeles is doing to combat climate change and build the green economy,” according to the mayor's office. Of course, telling the world stuff costs money and requires luxurious accommodations, including, according to Spillman:

-$2214 for a five-night stay at a Copenhagen luxury hotel.

-$3576 for three dinners in Copenhagen (thanks, L.A!).

-$22,329 for three minivans with drivers in Copenhagen.

And who was that mysterious man along for the ride? Non other than Keith Brackpool, chairman of Cadiz, Inc., which wants to store Colorado River water for the Metropolitan Water District and other potential customers under his land (a plan that needs approval from an MWD board that's 20 percent Villaraigosa's).

So the next time an L.A. pothole puts a several hundred dollars worth of ding in your nice, aluminum wheel because the city doesn't have the cash to fix it, remember that you just bought the mayor half a Euro-meal.

LA Weekly