In the last year, Mochilla has presented globe-spanning releases by seminal artists from around the world. With a focus on Ethiopian jazz, Colombian and Brazilian funk, and reverse engineered hip-hop, Mochilla's concerts illuminated a rich universe outside the often insular world of indie navelgazing. In 2010, Mochilla will release some DVDs from their 2009 performances, but before then, enjoy a free MP3 mix ranging from godfather of Ethiojazz Mulatu Astatke to Colombia-based Quantic and his Combo Barbaro to Brazilian trio Azymuth. It's nearly an hour exclusive tracks from live L.A. performances and cuts from Mochilla releases, making for a evocative listen that wanders though Bogota clubs, Bossa-nova kick backs, and swinging Addis Ababa hotel bars.

In this season of watered down egg-nog, irritable sales associates, and hellish mall parking lots, 'Hear the World' offers a space to get away.

(MP3 mix, full track listing, and additional media after the jump)

Try this out as your holiday party soundtrack when “Jingle Bells” has bored into your unconscious.

Download 'Hear The World' here.

Azymuth Live In Los Angeles… from Mochilla on Vimeo.

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