The day after Tax Day, Los Angeles residents will do two things. Galvanized by the promise of impending refunds, some will start throwing cash around. Crushed beneath the weight of checks they just mailed off, others will batten down the hatches, crafting new family budgets, vowing to spend less on even the little things — like avocado on a burger and those midafternoon froyo snacks. Thankfully, the day after Tax Day, somewhere in Los Angeles, a little thing — specifically, that froyo — will be free. According to this Twitter feed, the travellin' Ben & Jerry's truck will be breezing through L.A. on April 16.

While the scoops will cost nothing, one little catch is that, as far as we know, the truck has no predetermined destinations already established. We're guessing they'll be annouced a little closer to the truck's arrival. One flavor to lick for: Blueberry-vanilla Greek-style frozen yogurt with a graham cracker swirl.

LA Weekly