The passionate response that we got to the FYF Fest vs. Sunset Junction article was really fascinating. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the take on the Sunset Junction lineup, there was one thing that became quite clear: Angelenos are serious about their music.

For those of you who didn't see enough of the artists that you wanted in either lineup or are completely dissatisfied with what's on offer this summer, I can only encourage you to create your own fests. Build it and they will come!

Don't think it can be done? Take a page from Jody Orsborn. Creator of the folk blog When You Awake, she along with Bobby Kittleman and Phil Eastman have created a new festival called Free For All Festival which is happening on August 15th at the Echoplex.

The concept behind this festival is daring. It's a pay-what-you-want, ticketless music & arts experience, which means the promoters are fronting the cash in hopes that the audience will donate what they can to pay the bands. It's a gutsy way of running a festival, but with such a solid lineup (Akron/Family, Langhorne Slim, Active Child, Frank Fairfield, to name a few) and craft booths from The Coachella Arts Studios they should have no problem covering costs.

They've even left part of the lineup up to you! There is a contest for a bunch of local bands to make the bill. Check out their contestant page and vote on who you'd like to see. Lord knows you guys are opinionated!

[Ed's note: West Coast Sound's own Chris Martins is one of the judges of the contest. He likes “spiritual electronica”, vinyl and Best Coast, in case you'd like to get on his good side.]

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