In celebration of the grand opening of the new Samosa House, food is free all day today until 7 p.m. Samosa House East is less than ten blocks east of the original Samosa House on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. “What will they call it when they open one in downtown Culver City?” a customer asks, in between bites of spiced jackfruit and rice. “Samosa House Far East?” Stop by for a hearty portion of rice, jackfruit, vegetable korma, mixed dal, and Gulab Jamun (sweet balls of dough soaked in cardamom and rosewater syrup). Pretty soon they'll be serving beer and wine along with samosas and a vegetarian menu that echoes the beloved home-cooked fare of Samosa House out west.

Samosa House East: 10700 Washington Boulevard, Culver City; (310) 559-6350

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