They're based in Tuscon but have more in common with the Californian southwest than anywhere else.

For one, the name: The original Calexico is a SoCal border town just a hop and a skip away from its Baja counterpart, Mexicali.

Secondly, Calexico's sound — and we're talking about the band here — is an equal and respectful mix of Americana and traditional pan-Latin music (cumbia, mariachi, conjunto).

It's a stylistic alliance that better mimics the cultural give-and-take of the greater Los Angeles area than the aggressive political climate of Arizona.

That's not to say, of course, that Calexico's sound is safe. The band throws a fierce live show that well highlights its post-rock leanings — think the most epic and earnest Tex-Mex party band you've ever heard.

Nuremberg loves it, at least, as is amply clear in the band's new free, high-quality performance album, Live in Nuremberg. You can stream it below, or visit the totally rad CASH Music hosting site to download the record (or stream it from inside a giant calavera).

Listen for the Specials nod on “Crystal Frontier.”

Calexico, Live in Nuremberg by cashmusic

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