For the third year running, chef Phillip Frankland Lee is celebrating what he calls “back-of-house appreciation month,” offering all cooks and back-of-house employees a free meal at his Encino restaurant during the month of February. And by “meal,” he means a nine-course tasting menu.

Back-of-house employees need just bring a pay stub or some other proof that they work as a kitchen employee to enjoy the offer. If you want to bring your friend or boyfriend or mom along with you, but that person is not a kitchen worker, they'll receive 50 percent off their meal. All alcohol is full price, and while the restaurant makes no mention of it, it's probably nice to tip generously, even if your bill is $0.

It seems as though the idea may be catching on. This year, Osteria Vicario in Orange County also is offering a deal for back-of-house employees during February. Its six-course “organocentric” tasting menu has the same parameters as Scratch Bar: BOH folks eat free, booze is full price, non-BOH folks who come in as companions get 50% off their meal.

For Scratch Bar's offer, you can visit to make a reservation, or call (818) 646-6085.  The offer is valid throughout the month of February, except for Valentine's Day.

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