Fred Karger is a gay Republican. He's running for president in 2012. Here's OC Weekly's six-page profile about that awesomely insane endeavor. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, the real news:

Karger's own party has refused to issue him an invitation — much less grant him a speaker's card — for its September 16-18 convention in Los Angeles.

The candidate, who's surely used to this kind of thing and is keeping his cool thusly, despite the sting, reveals to the San Francisco Chronicle that a GOP official told him…

… “the schedule is completely filled,” after Karger asked why he didn't receive an invite.

Apparently the Republicans only open their V.I.P. bashes to one new minority per year: The convention's website boasts that for the first time ever, Univision will be present to translate town-hall meetings into Spanish.

More hilarious “we love everybody, we swear” language from the announcement:

“We're ushering in a new era, broadening our communications strategy and reaching out to previously ignored voters in order to spread our message and inspiring a new generation of Republicans. We're leaving our comfort zones and moving forward to success. …

This convention is also an excellent opportunity to help identify the leaders of the future. You will be able to network with like-minded individuals, attend workshops designed to hone your political skills, and say goodbye to “politics as usual.” Thank you for helping us to welcome the future of the Republican Party in California – we look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.”

Too much irony in there to even begin a thorough unraveling/snarkfest.

The convention is to be held at L.A. Live — much to the delight of Manhattan-dreaming SoCal reds — and is still open for registration. Unless, of course, you're one of them Satan-worshipping homogay freaks.

The Chronicle writes that Karger also applied for a booth, and was told there were none available. (After some investigative work, his flack discovered that there definitely were.) That's when things get seriously infuriating:

The irony, Karger says, is that he's the only California resident in the field who really wants to address the convention, and he's being given the “cold shoulder.” …

Karger, a moderate Republican, supports withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, lowering the voting age to 16, and marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Karger's media-relations officer confirms to LA Weekly that he has been “shut out” of the event. We're expecting a call from him later this evening — as well as from the GOP's communications department. Can't wait to hear them explain their way out of this one.


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