Ah, the California legislature. It can't balance a budget to save the state's life. Nineteen million plastic bags in landfills, waterways and gutters each year? No prob for this bunch. And one-third of all bills in Sacramento have special-interest sponsors and are twice as likely to pass as those that don't, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

So you can rest assured to know that the legislature's late-night session Tuesday at least got some good work done: It passed a law, headed for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk, that allows free samples of alcohol to be handed out at grocery, convenience and liquor stores. Yay!

Despite opponents' cries that the samples could trigger more alcohol abuse, we'll soon be able to get a buzz during grocery runs — free. With the state constantly under financial water, a double-dip recession seeming more and more likely, and unemployment higher than Snoop Dogg, we might just need the free hits.

We wonder, however, if these sample-givers will be checking IDs: After all, you know the first people in line for a paper cup of Jager will be underage boys wearing fake mustaches.

LA Weekly