Frankie Torrelavega has created an online boutique featuring ethical fashion of creators from around the world

Frankie Torrelavega wanted to create a brand that stood for confidence, empowering and uplifting women who shopped there. Today, Yumigara Fashion LLC not only encourages buyers, but also creators from around the world to hang their clothing on the virtual racks of Yumigara. The Yumigara catalogue showcases a wide variety of designs that inspire women to embrace their individual tastes whilst highlighting the magic of worldwide fashion.

The Yumigara boutique is curated with timeless items to fill a wardrobe, no matter the occasion, no matter the season. Torrelavega’s biggest hope is for Yumigara to make women look and feel elegant and respectable. The online store features exclusive tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, fashion accessories, and makeup that one couldn’t find locally.

Torrelavega collaborates with small businesses not only within US, but also in Canada, Europe, and Asia. She is looking for opportunities also to work with small businesses from Latin America and Africa.

Aside from its investments in the businesses of small artisan workers across the world, Yumigara also has an affiliate marketing program that enables Yumigara supporters to monetize their support through passive income opportunities.

Buyers of the brand know its style through the website, which features categories like Party wear, Can’t Wait for Christmas, Beauty Yumigara.

“We also have boutique label shoes and makeups,” Torrelavega informs.

Born in California and raised in the Philippines, Torrelavega is well-traveled. She is currently based in Chicago and has been a big fan of fashion since she was a child. Because of her past, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places and has been exposed to different fashions from different corners of the world.

With her corporate background, Torrelavega gained fifteen years of experience supporting the Forbes 500 companies in project delivery, operations, and business transformation. Her deep passion for fashion and aspiration to create pushed Torrelavega to start Yumigara. Because of her history with traveling, she founded the company on collaboration with manufacturers and small business owners from all around the world.

Torrelavega sees her business being a staple favorite of women who are confident and empowered. Through Yumigara, she would like to provide women with a single site that offers everything they need while also giving small businesses a platform to be able to sell and market like bigger manufacturers. This way, she believes they collectively give themselves the opportunity to succeed.

Torrelavega’s passion is what has kept her business alive and thriving. She knows she’s achieved true success when she’s so elated in her fulfillment that she wants others to achieve the same success as she did.

“I believe that there’s an entrepreneur in all of us,” she holds, realizing that our every-day lives are filled with persuasions and negotiations. Torrelavega believes that we just need to have that courage to challenge ourselves and create something that brings joy into our lives as a source of income.

Torrelavega recently started the business September this year and has been shipping in US and Canada. Customers find more clothes, shoes, jewelry, formal wear, ponchos, and recommended gifts for others on the website and by following Yumigara on Instagram and Facebook

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