Sure, we're safe from harm as the East Coast braces for “Frankenstorm.” But that doesn't mean it won't affect Los Angeles, even as we bask in 80-degree temperatures.

LAX, for one, is being turned into a giant parking lot as flights to the Eastern Seaboard were grounded last night.

Here's what LAX tweeted:

It's going to be a while until weather improves. Hurricane Sandy was expected to hit New Jersey tonight. Then it was supposed to mix with a cold front that could actually strengthen the storm.

A late-summer-style hurricane fueled by warm Atlantic waters transforming into a blizzard-creating winter front has inspired the Halloween-worthy title Frankenstorm.

While some surfers appear to be happy about the weather, the film industry is not:

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the storm has taken out theaters in the nation's second-largest movie-viewing market, New York, until further notice.

Boo-hoo for us, right?

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