By now, everyone's heard about Frank Ocean. In case by some small chance you haven't, here's a recap. The singer is a member of Los Angeles alternative hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, better known as OFWGKTA or simply Odd Future. Ocean is the soulful crooner of the outfit, and his solo material has become the stuff of legends. He likes Coldplay, Radiohead and Prince. And yes, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that he kinda, sorta came out of the closet a couple of weeks before his album dropped via his Tumblr page. But what isn't mentioned in his confessional is that his instant classic, channel ORANGE, is the soundtrack to your bedroom experiences.

Ocean's smooth, seductive tenor has brought legions of fans out of the woodwork, singing and swooning to his ambitious lyrics and brand of R&B. By now everyone knows of the 24-year-olds lyrical prowess, however, when combined with his vocals, he can make the panties drop at the snap of a finger or when he hits the high notes.

Even when he's mocking people, like on “Super Rich Kids,” Ocean makes it sound oh so good that you don't care if you're the subject of his scorn. That's the hallmark of a great album: the ability to make people lose themselves in the music and inhibit sexual activity. That's what the singer does well.

“Pyramids” is a nearly 10 minute slow jam that runs the gauntlet musically, touching genres ranging from club music to classic R&B. If that isn't enough to get you stimulated, more specifically, there are traces John Mayer's psychedelic guitar noodling, electro-house synths, Michael Jackson influenced pop melodies, spaced out electronic segues, and UK bass breaks. And we have yet to even touch on the super suave lyrics.

With lyrics that change pace, sort of like foreplay, Ocean takes events from his life experience and turns it into sexual beauty. The first half reads like an account of ancient Egypt when he sings: “even your junior high school social studies teacher would blush over,” while in the second half he sings about being Cleopatra's pimp for years, eventually falling in love with her. If that doesn't get you in the mood, I don't know what will. He continues, though, by singing about the unwritten bylaws of their profession, but his love is no match for the rules of the game, which predetermined that thing couldn't work out. Powerful stuff.

These two examples are the tip of the iceberg. Croony and swoony, Frank Ocean delivers the best album of 2012 to get laid to. With creative, multi-layered music to complement his equally complex lyrics, this is a singer on the rise, and if you want to get it on, this guy's album is the one to play.

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