In Thursday's LA Weekly cover story staff writer Gene Maddaus looks into the business dealing of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and finds a man who has been as ruthless in his past as he has been in the battle over property, cash and holdings with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Jamie McCourt.

McCourt, it appears, has been quite good at getting his hands on valuable assets like Boston waterfront property and the Dodgers franchise by using other people's money. But will he be as good at holding on those trophies when his wife claims them during divorce proceedings? Writes Maddaus:

McCourt has been fortunate indeed. He and wife Jamie McCourt have carved out a life of private jets and lavish homes. But for a very successful real estate developer, he has actually developed very little.

McCourt's former business partners, who tell their story here for the first time, say that's because he can be impossible to work with. In fact, he can be implacable and even ruthless with his partners, whether they are fellow developers, the taxpayers, or — in the case of the divorce — his wife.

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