The fight for the Dodgers between Frank and Jamie McCourt continues today, as Frank McCourt again takes the stand.

His opponent: Super lawyer David Boies, who, as the Weekly's Gene Maddaus noted last night, “has a reputation for turning witnesses against themselves, for getting them to put the noose around their own necks and then step off the ledge.”

The trial, which is before a judge but no jury, is a fight about which of two marital property agreements is the real one. In one, Frank gets the Dodgers. In the other, Frank and Jamie share the team. Check back for reporting from Maddaus at lunch and then this evening.

In last night's piece, he notes how comfortable Frank is in this high-risk courtroom environment: ​It should not have come to this. No sensible person would put trust their entire fortune to a David Boies cross-examination. But Frank is a risk-taker, well used to taking absolutist positions and sticking to them until he wins unconditional victory.

But Tuesday was just 30 minutes with Boies. Today, they match up all day. Should be fun.

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