With the appointment yesterday of a monitor to oversee the Dodgers' day-to-day operations, everyone in baseball seems to think the era of McCourt ownership is drawing to a close.

Everyone, that is, except Frank McCourt. Tomorrow, McCourt will meet in New York with Major League Baseball officials to discuss his big plans for the future of the ballclub.

Those plans do not include selling the team.

In a statement, McCourt said he intends to discuss the Dodgers' new TV rights deal with Fox — the one that MLB has refused to authorize.

The agreement reached by the Dodgers and FOX for a new media rights deal provides financial stability for the ballclub for years to come. The media rights package is fully negotiated, and it is one of the most favorable ever reached by a baseball team.

Why does the phrase “years to come” have such an ominous ring to it?

It's not clear what this meeting will accomplish, since MLB has already turned down the TV deal and Commissioner Bud Selig won't be there.

McCourt says he also wants to work out “practical concerns regarding the monitor.” The MLB monitor — Bush crony Tom Schieffer — has been tasked with approving every expenditure over $5,000.

Which either means that Schieffer approved this trip to New York, or Frank is flying coach and staying at the Comfort Inn.

It'll be interesting to see if Schieffer is asked to approve the cost of hiring lawyers to sue Major League Baseball.

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