First the good news: Dodger owner Frank McCourt is aware that you hate his guts.

Now the bad news: He thinks he can change your mind.

How? He wants to hire a PR firm — at $750 per hour — to improve his image. In a motion today (posted below), McCourt asked a bankruptcy judge to approve a contract with Kekst and Company to provide “crisis communications.”

Here's the most hilarious portion of this document:

“Much of the media reporting on off-field issues has been inaccurate or misleading, and LAD requires a seasoned communications firm such as Kekst to better insure that media coverage of LAD is more evenhanded and accurate going forward.”

It's a little late to be spinning the media. Opinions have hardened, and fans want Frank gone. Maybe this would have helped 18 months ago, but —

Wait, what's that? Kekst has already been working for the Dodgers for 18 months???

What the hell have they been doing? And these are the guys you want to keep around? You should have fired them a year ago! Where's the accountability?

Now obviously, Frank's problem is not his PR firm. It's Frank. He's the one who plundered the team. He's the one who chose to destroy his own image by going through a messy and public divorce. That's not the PR firm's fault.

That said, the PR guys ought to be ashamed of themselves for taking Frank's money. Clearly he's beyond whatever modest help they could provide. But as long as he's paying $750/hr. they're not going to tell him that.

Meanwhile, you get the image of the Dodgers as a massive carcass. Vultures will continue to pick away at it until there's nothing left.

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