The star of the 60 Minutes feature on L.A.'s own billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad was … architect Frank Gehry.

Seems like he's the only person in town who had the balls to say what others have uttered off-the-record: That Broad, while infinitely generous, is a pain in the ass to work with.

Look, we have no problem with rich guys like Broad giving art and money to the world, especially in a town that could certainly use a boost when it comes to culture. But, well, where are we, Charlotte, North Carolina? Nobody else has anything critical to say?

Gehry probably feels empowered because, well, he's Frank Gehry.

Here's what he told 60 Minutes' Morley Safer, for the record:

Eli is a control freak. I worked on a house for him. I didn't wanna do it … I just told him I didn't like him. He said you'll learn to like me.

Wow. No publicist-washed-and-rinsed comments, those.

Broad tried to take the sting off, but Gehry said “I won't do a project for him” again, “that's true.”


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