Everyone who's interested in men sexually has some kind of fantasy guy. Maybe it's a seductive European, or a ski instructor, or a pool boy. Or maybe it's something not cliche that I've never even heard of. But whatever your pleasure, a company called Smile Makers is here to try and make that fantasy come true by creating four vibrators based on “icons of male sexiness,” according to their website.

The icons in question are the fireman, the millionaire, the tennis coach and the Frenchman. Each vibrator is based on one of those men, and has its own unique shape, that maybe is supposed to simulate sex with that particular dude. For instance, the fireman is described as having “A hard-nosed happiness gadget with flaps for extra stimulation.”

It's shaped like a flame.

Get it?

Anyway, over here at After Dark we'll probably just stick to our regular old vibrators. But if you're extra devoted to, say, getting your freak on on the tennis court, perhaps this is for you.

LA Weekly