Whether you’re a brand savvy cannabis user or a casual toker, 4/20 is a great excuse to sit back, relax and enjoy the wonders of weed. Here are four brands (and two honorable mentions) we think you should know about and definitely try for the annual high holiday this year.   

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A Golden State-  This luxury organic cannabis brand, known for its tasty flower, recently launched a line of pre-rolls and will be releasing solventless oil pens soon. Founder Nishant Reddy (also CEO of the California-based cannabis investing firm called Satya Capital) aims to use his platform as a BIPOC entrepreneur to support diversity and inclusion. Last year, the company announced a partnership with the ACLU of Southern California, aimed at donating proceeds of sales and repurposing worker hours to raise awareness for voting rights as well as drug policy and justice reform. AGS was just awarded a carbon-neutral certificate for relying entirely on sustainable energy and using sustainably sourced packaging. As for the weed itself, the brand name kinda says it all. Expect NorCal goodness by way of the Cascade Mountains. The brand touts plants watered with snowmelt from Mount Shasta itself, and they use natural soil derived from coconut hulls. Strain flavors to try for 4/20: Caramel Apple, Lava Flower and Snow Dream.  agoldenstate.com

(Courtesy STONE ROAD)

Stone Road- S.R. is a proud queer-led company driven by inclusivity and sustainability. Founded by Lex Corwin, the cannabis brand has made a name for itself with colorful campaign imagery and stylized social media. Corwin’s 57 acre family farm in Nevada City, CA, is powered using solar panels and uses recycled water through a native aquifer. Packaging is 99% recyclable as well, from their flower jars to their lids (made from reclaimed ocean plastic). They are even working on a new initiative that will use rice protein to create shrink wrap material. Pre-rolls come in cute corked tubes.  Strains to try for 4/20: Chocolate Kush and Wedding Cake. stoneroad.org

(Courtesy CLOUDIOUS9)

Cloudious9- If you’re looking for an innovative new way to consume weed, this company has you covered. The Bay Area brand is out to diversify the way we smoke with fun and futuristic vessels, accessories and cannabis and their products will make gadget lovers giddy. The new GRAVI7Y cannabis bundle makes a great starter kit with three strains of flower cannabis in 1 gram packets alongside a vaporizer or automated grinder. The grinder adds a coffee-drinking like new component to the smoking experience as it spits out its fresh green powder straight into your pipe or rolling paper cone. Wanna get even fancier for the 4/20 holiday? Pick up Cloudious’ water vaporizers including the Hydrology9 and the Hydrology9 NX, both of which look like a bong meets a Light Saber. A cosmic smoke indeed. Kit to try for 4/20: GRAVI7Y 3 pack with grinder. cloudious9.com

(Courtesy CALIVA)

The Parent CompanyThe Parent Company is behind two popular brands that any cannasseur should know: Caliva and Monogram. Caliva, which cultivates, extracts, manufactures, distributes and sells a myriad of popular products, is one of the most recognizable names out there. And they’re celebrating 4/20 in a big way with 20% off many of their hottest sellers at their retail stores and their delivery platform (see caliva.com/420). Caliva will also present virtual “4/20 Sessions” led by canna-culture experts on their Instagram Live in April. Check out @gocaliva for more info.  New Caliva try for 4/20: Fun Uncle Cruisers, the new vape line and a first for FU (known for whimsical weed pouches). The 510 universal cartridges come in the brand’s five best selling strains (all with over 80% THC) with vibrant purple pens that make the haze a happy one. caliva.com/brand/Fun%20Uncle

(Courtesy MONOGRAM)

Monogram is the perfect name for Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s new cannabis line. If Jay-Z puts his name on it, the quality is obviously topnotch. With sleek black packaging and five strains (No. 1, No. 03, No. 70, No. 88 and No. 96) to choose from, the brand offers a variety of highs from cerebral to chill. Product to try for 420: the Monogram No.01 OG Handroll – an extra large joint that’s meant to conjure the feeling of smoking a fine cigar. monogramcompany.com

(Courtesy KIVA)

Honorable Mentions (2) 

KIVA- Kiva is best known for its yummy gummies, mints and candy bars, and this 4/20, they’ve gone all out, mashing together sweet and salty snack faves to make a special treat: the 4/20 Limited Edition Pretzel Cookie Chip Munchies Bar. kivaconfections.com

(Courtesy OMURA)

OMURA- Omura’s Series X flower vaporizer offers a unique new way to smoke via heat (not burn) technology. The smokeless and odorless device has a dual heat source oven inside of its slim design and comes with a matching charging base in gold, rose gold, soft green and gunmetal, making for a great, gilded 4/20 gift idea. omuracbd.com/products/series-x


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