Arts group ForYourArt kicks off the opening of its location across the street from LACMA at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. on Saturday with a box of doughnuts to share, as you do on your first day of work when you want to endear yourself to your officemates. Because this is an arts group, after all, the sugary medium is the message: To coincide with LACMA's 24-hour screening of Christian Marclay's The Clock from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, ForYourArt will host “Around the Clock: 24-Hour Donut City” to comment on the nature of Los Angeles' sprawl and 24-hour doughnut shops.

Marclay, who was profiled in a lengthy article in last week's The New Yorker, spent three years compiling thousands of hours' worth of scenes from television and film where the time or a clock is shown, organizing them by hour and editing them together into one giant collage. The final movie is a full 24 hours, with each hour unfolding in real time, minute by minute, turning the film itself into a clock of sorts.

ForYourArt, then, will be providing a likely much-needed break to those who are determined to watch the entire 24-hour screening. It also points out the connection between doughnuts and clocks, “two round but seemingly unrelated objects.” For example, many of the city's doughnut shops (Randy's, Donut Man) are open 24 hours and thus never off the clock. More broadly, the city of L.A., the group says, sometimes is described as a doughnut, “a series of interconnected suburbs without a center. This sprinkling of 'centers' allows the city to boast multiple hubs of energy and culture, each with its distinctive personality and flavor.”

Los Angeles-as-a-doughnut aside, some of the city's best doughnuts will be featured at ForYourArt's pop-up donut shop, including Donut Man's strawberry donuts. The doughnut selection was picked by writer Krista Simmons, who, as it happens, often contributes to Squid Ink.

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