Remember Amy Beck, the middle school teacher who made national headlines and was sent to prison for two years for having sex with a teenaged student?

Well, it took a few months, but the student's family has finally gotten around to suing Beck, and the lawsuit is spilling with more details than perhaps anybody would need to know.

Of course, this is the victim's side of things, but he claims he was taken of advantage of 15 to 20 times by Beck, that they had sex everywhere from her home to the classrooms and bathrooms of David Starr Jordan Middle School, and that her husband, an LAPD cop, threatened to kill the boy once he discovered what was going on.

As for what Beck supposedly thought about her student's ejaculate, well, read on (if you dare).

According to the lawsuit, first reported by Courthouse News Service, the student met Beck in 2006 when he was placed in her 6th grade History and English classes. “During this time,” the victim's family claims, “Beck began a coordinated campaign designed to seduce the [student] into having a sexual relationship with her and ultimately began sexually molesting and abusing the victim.”

Indeed, in March Beck admitted to having sex with the student and pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual intercourse and committing a lewd act on a child. She received a 2-year prison sentence.

The victim and his family say in the lawsuit that Beck told the student that she wanted to “teach him” about sex, and that she initially provided him condoms but stopped when Beck began taking birth control and “directed” him to have unprotected sex with her.

Further, the student claims that while he was too scared to ejaculate the first several times he had sex with Beck, she “wanted the Victim to ejaculate while inside of her,” and that when he finally was able to release, “Beck took perverse sexual pleasure in it.”

One night, according to the lawsuit, during the fall of 2009, Beck's husband walked in on his wife and the student alone together and figured out that something was not right. He, perhaps understandably, allegedly went into a rage.

The student claims that Beck confessed to her husband and that he “threatened that he would kill [the student] with his police gun if the victim's parents did not immediately pick him up from his home.”

The officer-husband then apparently called the student's parents on the student's cell phone and repeated the threat over the phone, before smashing the cell phone to bits and throwing it at the student.

The lawsuit, filed against Beck, LAPD, the City of Los Angeles and the Burbank Unified School District, states that the school did nothing to stop the illegal sexual conduct and that LAPD did not investigate or discipline the husband for making a death threat to the student, even after the family filed an internal complaint.

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