We know plenty of you are headed for a little pukin' of the green Wednesday. So be it. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of our collective alcoholic heritage (we're also looking at you Mexicans and Koreans), so get down, L.A: There's plenty to do.

Just beware. Those men and women asking you to dance with your finger to your nose aren't leprechauns, and if you think you are, you're way too far gone. We wouldn't be surprised if Los Angeles police had some last-minute checkpoints in store for you. (“I don't think we have any,” a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman told us). But we know of one in the area for sure:

Santa Monica police will be set up in the 300 block of Pico Boulevard Wednesday night looking for drunk drivers, drugged drivers and those without licenses.

So do the Irish thing and jig your way home. Or, better yet, take a cab.

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